High Tech in RecyclingHigh Tech in Recycling

Secondary copper refineries use a large quantity of recycling material in their modern and environmental friendly processes, to be refined to copper cathodes, registered under the LME Copper Grade A contracts. As such, CMR is providing services to the largest secondary refineries in Europe. About 45.000 Mt. are being treated every year.

Thanks to their long expertise, the companies have built up a great deal of know-how and proprietary processes. They are very active in research and development, to maintain the leading position in the businessfield of metal recycling.

In recent years investments have been taken in new and costly equipment..
In environmental protection and in production it is their goal  to stay ahead through technology.

Environmental ProtectionEnvironmental Protection

By recycling scrap and waste materials, not only do we make a major contribution to the protection of the evironment, but also produce pure metal in a very efficient way. This means major savings of material and energy.

As a major industrial-chemical operator we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our antipollution department monitors emissions and helps in developing cleaner processes. 

In the EEC institutions we are well placed to keep in close contact with national and European authorities.
Our goal is to meet and even exceed the standards imposed, and to anticipate coming legislation. Production and Environmental control has been certified complying ISO standard.